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ASSERT is a Non-Government-Operation, non-profit organization formed to manage the expanding need of trained, coordinated responses to the immediate aftermath of forest fires which ravaged forest based communities and the animals which live in them. We strive to aid in the survival of all animals impacted by wild fires. We embrace a culture of communication, and collaboration to ensure our organizations remains dynamic at all times and can act in accordance with all government agencies while maintaining safety as our number one rule.

We are the Animal Survival & Safety Emergency Response Team - The Second Responders

Second Responders

Second Responders are the core of what we do, everything else exists to support these folks, and everything these folks do is to support our first responders and our environment. Second Responders are not firefighters and they are not licensed. You will be spending time in smoky areas on dirt roads. This is work best suited for a healthy and mobile adult with a reliable vehicle, but don't worry if that doesn't describe you, we can still utilize your help!

Volunteer, Donate, Fundraise

ASSERT is all about organizing help. We don't need to convince you to save your environment. You already want to help, we just need to guide you there. ASSERT Earth puts the main types of help we need into three buckets: Second Responders, Donations/Fundraising, and Organizers/Assistants. If you want to help out and your assistance doesn't fit into any of those categories, or you have any general questions feel free to contact us.

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