Saving Mr Skunk With Local Wildlife Expert Kevin Foster

by ASSERT Earth

When doing routine checks on the traps we set up throughout Santa Cruz County, we discovered that one of them managed to snag a skunk instead of the missing pets we intended them for. Normally, we'd release the animal back into the wild where it belongs without a second thought. However, this time, we saw that the skunk in question had a plastic lid stuck around his neck. Obviously, this creature would require a little professional attention.

Fortunately for Mr Skunk, thanks to the help of Kevin Foster--a local wildlife rehabilitation and rescue expert for Native Animal Rescue of Santa Cruz County--we safely freed him from his plasitc prison! Then, Kevin released the little stinker back into the wild where he belongs (without anyone getting sprayed, no less)!

How Did We Wind Up With Mr Skunk In The First Place?

To capture missing pets, we bait our traps with cat food. Well, skunks love cat food. Mr Skunk just so happened to fancy a free meal when he wandered by our trap and got himself caught.

Remember To Cut Up Your Plastic Waste!

Let Mr Skunk's story be a reminder to please, please cut up your plastic soda rings and lids before recycling them. Your small effort just might save the life of one or more animals. It really does make a big difference.

Also, please make sure and contact us with any information you have regarding any pets displaced by the recent wildfires throughout the Santa Cruz County area. We'd be more than happy to help them find their way back home.

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