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Ana Castro

I met Ryan Okrant through cat rescue in Florida. He has always gone above and beyond for not only the animals but he also started an annual cookie club here in Palm Beach County that brings a little joy to less fortunate kids at Christmas time.

I can’t say enough about him and his genuine care for the animals. Through the group Assert, he and his partners put themselves in perilous situations to continue to help the animals that are so often left behind. They are just amazing! Thank you for all you do. You are an inspiration to us all.

Dorothy Moffett

Dot Douglas On Line Cat Rescue who specializes in Cat Matching following disasters gives the most highest praise to the team of ASSERT – Drone Animal Rescue as led by Ryan Okrant.

I have followed this pet rescue from the tornadoes in Kentucky to the ravages of war torn Ukrainian and back to constant rescue in California. Not only are these people truly dedicated to their mission but they offer compassion for both the families and pets who are misplaced.

Together We Succeed.
Divided We Fail.
It’s the Pets who Suffer the most

Melinda Walls

I met Ryan Okrant after a E-5 Tornado ripped through our town in Dec 2021 killing 12 people, injuring many, destroying houses and displacing beloved pets. Ryan selflessly rushed to our town in Dawson Springs Ky. to offer his experience and expertise in catching target cats and returning them to their owners. When I met him he taught me how to trap the animals safely and how to handle them safely. Ryan was responsible himself for returning many of Dawson Springs cats immediately after the tornado. He stayed up for days and nights to make the most of the time he had here.

When he had to leave the area and return home I was able to trap many cats myself and return them to the owners. He has been available to this day to answer any questions that I have as I have still 2 years later been rescuing cats thanks to him Because of Ryan’s work with ASSERT many people in Dawson Springs were able to reunite with their animals. This was the worst day of everyone’s life. Loosing homes, property and pets who are like family members. I continue to support Ryan Okrant and The Assert Team in any mission they embark on because they truly care and will do everything in their power to bring a beloved pet back to their owners. If you have animals then you understand the love owners have for them. Ryan is a genuine person and I’m so grateful and thankful to him and The Assert Team for all they do across the United States and even abroad!!

Patricia Bachi

Ryan Okrant is one of the most generous individuals I know. Those of us in animal rescue (in South Florida) have known and worked with Ryan for many years. He then relocated back to his hometown (in California) to help locate/rescue/reunite lost animals after devastating wildfires. His rescue work has evolved from there, now using infrared technology to help locate lost pets. ASSERT has travelled to many locales near and far with wildlife search and rescue efforts after wildfires, floods, and even war (Ukraine).

They are amazing! And, now they are traveling to Hawaii to search for animals after the tragic fires that have destroyed Maui. Wish them luck and please support their rescue efforts. They are the real deal and I’m honored to personally know Ryan and count him as a friend.

Cynthia Baker, LMFT

I have known Ryan Okrant since he was a youth, as he was one of my stepson’s closest childhood friends. He returned to his hometown in the Santa Cruz mountains of California to save animals during the massive wildfires of 2020. Several towns had mandatory evacuation orders and only fire and rescue personnel were allowed to enter. Many animals had been left behind for an extended period of time in life-threatening conditions. He saved countless animals by leaving food and water for them, setting up cameras, and capturing them and reuniting them with their owners. From there, ASSERT was born and has grown to include high tech drone tools for locating and saving animals. He and his team have selflessly sacrificed so much and risked their lives by going into some of the most dangerous and devastated areas, all for the love of animals. ASSERT is a unique and indispensable asset to any disaster relief effort. I have full confidence that all donations to them directly support their role in rescuing animal survivors.

Dawn Smith

Ryan and his Assert team worked many hours helping rescue animals in the Santa Cruz Mountains after the CZU fire in 2020. He spent hours setting up feeding stations, trapping and reuniting animals with their owners. I would highly recommend his team to work in any area for the benefit of animals in need.


Palm Beach Purrs has had the honor and privilege of working with ASSERT with Ryan at the helm for the last couple years. His mission of saving the most vulnerable animals from devastating disasters and working to reunite them with their families or help them into other rescues is exceedingly impressive. Ryan and his team apply skills and tools not available to the general public to perform rescues and resources to ensure the safety and health of all the animals they can. Great work, ASSERT! You recognized a real need in communities at their lowest hour and found a way to help.

Robyn =^-^=
Palm Beach Purrs

Katharine Parsons

As an award-winning documentary filmmaker, I have been closely following Ryan Okrant for several years, rescuing animals with not only edge-cutting technology (thermal drones to find animal survivors after a disaster), but also a shoestring budget and only a motivation to help. I have tracked him and his team through the Caribbean after a hurricane, to the California wildfires, and even to war-torn Ukraine, where they risked their lives to rescue pets left behind in inaccessible bombed-out high rises. He is also headed to Maui and I know that the pets and the families who he will serve will be in the very best of hands.

Ryan’s sterling character and heart of gold puts him at the top of our list for those of us in and related to every aspect of animal rescue throughout the world.

Director of THE FIRE CATS—Save Something Small

Catrina Ballou

I can’t even say enough good things about Assert Drone Rescue and the guys that put their heart and soul into that company…. But I’m going to try! I had seen the amazing things they did for the first time during the 2020 CZU fire that ravaged Santa Cruz county. I was one of the thousands of people who were displaced from their homes and relied on the kindness of others for support during that traumatic event. Of all the people who stepped up to the plate to offer their services to the community, ASSERT really went above and beyond with not only with animal search and rescue but responded with other resources when able. I was really impressed by their heroics.

It wasn’t until I made a comment on their Facebook page about my falling in love with some kittens that they had rescued from a bombed out apartment, that I personally got involved with them. They made it a personal mission to go to war torn Ukraine and reunite animals with their families or find them loving homes, which was so brave and selfless. When they found that I was truly interested in taking some of the kittens, Ryan worked with me to get them home to me and my family safe and sound. It was quite the journey to get the cats and themselves home safely through Europe, and myself and the rest of their followers were thrilled to be able to follow along via social media. The guys even worked with my girls everyday to socialize and help them work through the kitty PTSD they suffered.

Thank you ASSERT for everything you did to complete our family with our sweet kitties and all that you continue to do for communities in need. If the world had more heroes like you in it, it would be a better place for everyone.

Amanda Gray

I met Ryan before he started ASSERT, when he was living in Florida and helping with local cat rescue. He saved the day for me big time one day. I was working at a site with several coworkers and my supervisor and we found a feral mom and kittens who were old enough to eat on their own. The site wasn’t very safe and I immediately wanted to get the kittens to safety and get the mom spayed, but I also couldn’t leave work. I called Ryan and he was there right away with another person in the cat community. They set a trap for the mom to get her spayed and the Ryan and I scooped up all of the kittens and he took them home to foster them!

Ryan is so dedication to helping animals and with ASSERT he has really gone above and beyond. He coordinates large national and international rescue missions in the wake of disasters. He does what many are not willing to do and puts himself on the line to save animals. I’m proud to call Ryan a friend and am always excited to see where he’s going next.

Xan R.

I first met Ryan almost 5 yrs ago in Palm Beach county Florida. I have always known Ryan to be someone who donates his time and gives to others and animals.
I have continually watched Assert grow running to each new disaster from the last such as Ukrain to now hawaii. I’m in awe of the work that he does and lives that he and his team have saved. I will continue to support this much needed phenomenal nonprofit because I belive that Ryan is the real deal.


Ryan Okrant and the Assert organization have done an enormous amount of work, searching for and rescuing lost pets all across the United States and beyond, even going to Ukraine during wartime to find lost and frightened pets and either reuniting them with their families or finding them new homes. Everyone who cares about cats and dogs owes them a debt of gratitude for all the effort they have put in during disasters such as storms and fires to track these pets and rescue them. I appreciate and support all their hard work,

Richard L. Lancaster

I have been into animal rescue for years and have had the pleasure to work with Ryan Okrant on many rescues. This man has rescue in his blood 🩸 His determination is Amazing. After watching and working with him I feel the animals have a guardian angel watching over them.

Since working on the local level of our county, Ryan had a vision to expand and reach out further. This vision was realized when the California wild fires happened. You see, California is where Ryan grew up and he could not stand to see the people and animals suffer and knew he needed to help somehow.

With this, he and a friend teamed up and started ASSERT. A rescue team of second responders that risk their own health to help save defenseless animals. With this, they took off and headed to California and spoke to the first responders and gained access and permission to do what they do and that is RESCUE!!

They spent days and nights going through all areas that had burned down and brought food and water to the animals in need. It took time but they were able to help and rescue and reunite pets to there owners.

Using the special Drone with infrared heat seeking, they could spot the animals, work out a strategy to get them food and water, and eventually return them to their owners or into rescue. Not only did they help save many pets but they took the time to feed the wild animals as well, with much needed food and water. The animal world is Definitely a better place with him and his team watching over them.